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:: How does it Works? ::

Welcome to Foleycollection.com, the first foley store based on NI Kontakt 4+ instruments. Its a new tool created for sound designers, foley artist and sound editors and mixers.



FC Series workflow is really simple:

All our instruments are designed to sound in a ramdom way (NRSP; Natural Random Sample Playback), so that its sounds natural, not robotic or repetitive. They work also in VELOCITY zones: RUN, NORMAL WALK, AND QUICK WALK.

They also include footsteps, stops and cloth gestures.

They can work together!! Thats great if you want several sounds for your characters. You can combine FOOTSTEPS, CLOUTHING and SEVERAL ADDONS.

FC Series works in KONTAKT (+4.2). This is the most powerfull sampler ever created. We have studied the best workflow in postproduction, so if you want to use differents instruments in the same project you dont have to insert several plugins instances. With the internal programming of our instruments, you can Transpose MIDI messages to play all our instruments in different Octaves of your keyboard! This is AWSOME!

Please watch our little tutorial to see how they works. Its simple, Its natural, and its REAL.

Foley Collection is what you have been waiting for all this time…



Native-Instruments Kontakt:
FoleyCollection requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 4.2.4 and above. With our graphical user interface (GUI) you can directly use the main parameters of the instrument.
* Free version of Native Instruments Kontakt Player is not supported because of the internal programming of the instrument.

DAWs Supported:
All the DAWs witch can support NI Kontakt plugins are supported. (PRO TOOLS, LOGIC, ABLETON LIVE, STUDIO ONE, SAMPLITUDE…..)

Mac requirements:
Intel Core Duo 1,66 GHz or more with 1 GB of RAM
Mac OSX 10.5

PC requirements:
Pentium or Athlon XP 1,4 GHz or more with 1 GB de RAM
Windows XP (SP2) or Windows Vista (32/64 Bit)

Audio hardware:
Compliant Interface with 24-bit/96kHz capabilities.


Once you complete your transaction the file(s) will be available for download. Check your email that you used for the transaction for a secure download link.
If there are any problems email us for an immediate response.
All transactions conducted at foleycollection.com are considered final sales. Please make your license purchasing decisions carefully, because once you have
obtained download access to any of our digital sound effects / instruments, we are unable to cancel your license or issue a refund for your purchase.
The sound effects / instruments / products are made and sold under license.
They are royalty free and licensed to you, which means there are some restrictions, so please read it carefully.
Sales through this site are single-user licenses, if you are working at a production facility and are interested in a multi-user license, please contact infofoleycollection@gmail.com for special prices.

Download our oficial PDF guide here!!

Mobile version: Enabled